Friday, December 17, 2010

Project for Awesome, Shakespeare On the Edge, and chinese food!

Today has been, simply put, Awesome.
There are few other words to decribe it for me.
First of all, today, December 17th, is Project for Awesome day.
This is the day when oodles and boodles of Nerdfighters make videos supporting and informing on their favorite charities, and then people know about them, and can do the awesome duty of sending them money to help support and fund them!
I wasn't going to make a video innitially, because for some reason, I felt incredibly lazy and uncreative. But then, I got to thinking...Shakespeare On the Edge!
Shakespeare On the Edge has been a big part of my life for years now. I made friends there that are special and different from my friends at school, and at other places. SOTE is an organization that addresses abuse and violence in youth and teens.
I thought this was a pretty good idea for a video to make, because it's not like everyone is going to be doing a video on this little local project, right?
Anyway, so I upload the video at midnight, go to bed, and then commence the lame day of a junior in high school. Then I come home, eat chinese happiness, and check my youtube. A very pretty collection of comments and likes clutters my newborn video.
After messing around replying to the comments, sharing my video with friends, and just being lazy, It occurs to me that I'm suddenly getting a LOT of comments on my video.
This is because Project4awesome on youtube LIKED MY VIDEO!
This is awesome. The most awesome day in a long, long time!

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