Thursday, January 19, 2012

Dear John Green...

I've read every one of your books. Most of them several times.
And I have come to a conclusion.

You have written, through 3 of your 5 novels, and through 3 of your many characters, a variation of a recipe for the girl living my life thus far. 
Although I know there are probably 30,000 teenagers who are saying the same thing that I am right now, I feel like I'm on a different plane. 
I'm sure they do as well.
But my being is different. My story is different. And though I have always been an avid reader of many books, what you posses and command in your writing, while it is yours to do so (i.e. before it reaches the hands of it's readers) is the ability to write people. Not characters, but human beings. 

I am, in a manner of speaking, what one would get if one stuck Pudge (Looking for Alaska), Hazel (TFiOS) and Margo (Paper Towns) into a blender, pausing only to remove small, unimportant details like, say: testes, cancer, an 1/8 of the melodrama. 
With friends who change our lives by ending theirs, by committing me to a humiliating (yet nostalgically comical)1. 3 years of failing a drivers test, by tossing me in with one boy who broke my heart but opened my eyes, and another still who will tell me his life story by writing it in dry erase marker on a lazy Susan of a whiteboard in the center of a circular table in the library of a college neither of us attended....I sufficiently feel that my whole story is adequate enough to be the plot to one of your books. 
The only thing I'm missing: the epiphany that each being comes to in your novels. What makes them see what we don't.
What makes them...novel.

So I appeal to you, John.
Write me an epiphany?

Much Love, Best Wishes


Sunday, January 15, 2012

Things are going right, and I can't explain it...

Okay, so everyone who has followed my blog/twitter for the past year knows that I am a stranger to good fortune. Nothing goes my way: Not in relationships, not in family life, not in jobs, not in opportunities and CERTAINLY not in scholastics. (I like learning, just not their way.) In short, last year sucked. Big time.
Well, God and fate must have gotten together and decided that I've had my fair share of misfortune, because this year,

and I don't know how to cope.
First of all, back in December I got the role of Wendy in the musical. But the actual show is in February, so I'm counting it as this year. Also, I got confirmation on going to LeakyCon, which is being held in Chicago this year, and there is no way that it's ever going to be closer to us than it is now. I was recently told to audition for a part in the cast of this years Bristol Renaissance Faire, something that everyone knows that I've been simply DYING to do for years. And last, but certainly not least, I went to Dorian a week ago, which is a vocal music festival where I sang with an outstanding 1,200 voices. That's way more than who I sang with in Carnegie Hall. (Yes, I know I still owe you all that blog post.)
While I was at Dorian I made some truly fantastic friends. We called ourselves the Wolf Pack and were so named: Alpha, Beta (me), Delta, Gamma, and Omega. There were also a few hunter nicknames mixed in.
Here's a picture of most of us:

However, while I was there, I met a boy. (can you spot him?)
Now, I'm not usually the type of person to get swooney about boys. In fact, I'm not swooney now. But I can't say that I don't like him.
Honestly, what's not to like.
The thing is: he's totally wonderful, and he really likes me. I just don't quite understand why I'm suddenly interesting enough for a guy like him.
I guess we'll be seeing where this takes us, no? 

Much love, best wishes!

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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My the Force, and the Tardis, be with you...

My the Force, and the Tardis, be with you...

Dsquared skinny leg jeans, £314
Madewell vintage hosiery, $13
Converse hi top shoes, $45
Black handbag, $58
Pendant, $28
Star jewelry, $5
Nagellack - kläder och märkeskläder online - NELLY.COM, £149

This was what I wore to school today. Literally. Well, the only exception was the necklace. Instead of being the Tardis Key, it was the Doctor Who logo, made for me by an artist friend. Anyway, I hope you appreciate the TSWGO bracelet I added!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Day 2 of 2012...I've decided to become a blogger!

So I've spent all day in bed with the flu, but having consumed nothing, it might as well have been just a headache. I'm not going to test my theory, however, because tossing one's cookies is generally not an enjoyable way to spend an evening.
Instead, I've spent all this day exploring Polyvore. Which I love. Because it is SO COOL! and I like making cute little combinations of outfits.

Now, I'm no style guru. In fact, I'm so hodge-podge in my wardrobe that most would say that I'm not fashionable at all, though I do have some pretty little pieces. Only rarely do I use them to their full affect.
I'm not even going to say that one of my resolutions will be to be a little bit cuter in general. Mostly because I think that's redundant and not being able to fill out this goal will just piss me off, as I know that I will happen into school wearing jeans that are uncomfortable and a top that doesn't fit right due to my long waist.
So we might as well forget the whole thing. 

But for now, I'm stalking my cousin Maureen's blog and boy is she just so cool! I actually had no idea what Polyvore was until I just HAD to figure out how she made those pin boards! So I've got to get back into blogging, because I now remember how cool it is.
On another note, I need to make a post with some pictures of my FANTASTIC trip to New York City!
It shall include: 

  • singing in Carnegie Hall
  • Meeting Michael Buble (not kidding her, guys!)
  • seeing Bonnie and Clyde on Broadway!
  • being on the Today Show
So stay tuned!
Much love, best wishes & Happy New Year!

Perfect Afternoon

Perfect Afternoon

Maje long wool cardigan, $370
Dsquared jeans, £314
Short socks, £59
Proenza Schouler suede tote bag, $1,963
Olympia Le Tan clutch bag, $1,520
Ugo Cacciatori silver jewelry, €200
Sunglasses, £14
Mugs - Owl Mug - Paper Source, $15 - Leather Look Lace Up Worker Boots, £4.99
Hemp Tea Bags - CannaMint, £4

Even though this winter hasn't seen more than a few flakes of snow, and the holidays have come and gone, I still must admit that my eagerness for spring isn't quit here yet. 
What better way to spend a lazy January afternoon than curled up with a warm irish sweater and a good book-that's being remade into a movie again with Carey Mulligan and Leo DiCaprio-?

May the Odds be Ever in your Favor! 74th Hunger Games...

May the Odds be Ever in your Favor! 74th Hunger Games...

White Stuff green tunic, £29
French Connection leather jacket, £163
H M quilted jacket, £30
Skinny pants, $62
TopShop cotton pants, £38
N.d.c. made by hand kitten heel boots, $368
ASOS pocket bag, $1,960
Joe s Jeans canvas leather backpack, $69
Forever21 cotton belt, $6.80 - Leather Look Lace Up Worker Boots, £4.99

The movie is coming out pretty soon, so I figured I'd make a Hunger Games costume set.
I know that the movie will feature short jackets and black shirts with black trousers, but the book features a totally different arena uniform: tawny pants, a green blouse and a long, hooded black jacket.
really, I thought I'd do my best to stick with the book, but it turns out that nobody has long, hooded black jackets.
Oh, well! Make do!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Bonnie Parker, that's me

Bonnie Parker, that's me

Fat Face cable knit sweater, £25
Marc by Marc Jacobs a line skirt, $248
Oxford shoes, $35
FOSSIL leather shoulder bag, $95
John Lewis Women wool beret, £7.50
CO OP Barneys New York skinny belt, $95

This is actually almost exactly what I wore on Christmas eve, the only difference being the bag, and the exact sweater.

I love Bonnie Parker's whole fashion outlook from the 1930's. Whimsical young actress meets a girl on the run.
'You'll lose the Blues, and you may lose your heart'