Saturday, December 31, 2011

Tally up & Cash in, 2011...

It's been an eventful year.
  • I quit my job at the bakery.
  • I got a new job at the Pizza Hut
  • I developed a kind of plan for life
  • I experienced true pain
  • I grew up, in more ways than I want to admit.
  • I lost a great friend
  • I miss my best friend
  • I got my driver's license
  • I decorated to escape
  • I changed my mind
  • I grew empathetic
  • I developed new admiration
  • I played a pirate
  • I played a dumb blonde
  • I played the IT Girl
  • I played the one who's whisked away. 
  • I ran away from an interview
  • I turned down an honest invitation
  • I reminisced.
  • I had my first relationship
  • I ended my first relationship
  • I successfully stayed friends with my ex.
  • I made plans.
  • I didn't get to keep plans...
  • I hid a dress that was half made.
  • I grieved.
  • I threw off all medications
  • I found the dress, and decided to finish it when I'm ready.
  • I stabbed myself with a pencil, leaving a mark that will never go away.
  • I sang in Carnegie Hall.
  • I met Michael Buble.
  • I saw my favorite Broadway Show live: Bonnie and Clyde.
  • I became more fond of tea than I am of coffee.
  • I put away childish things.
  • I flew for the first time
  • I was able to look down again. 
I sincerely hope that next year will not have the kind of excitements of this year. 
Much love, best wishes...

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