Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Rites of Passage: This year I can....?

I'm just sitting here in the library at the computer, (which is an incredibly awkward way to sit at a computer, seeing as how I always assume EVERYONE is reading over my shoulder and EVERYONE is watching me stalk my new Ren-Faire castmates) when it occurs to me that there was a time when I couldn't use the computer in the section of the library where I now sit. I had to use a computer in the children's room.
And oh, how I wanted to use a computer in the reference section, just like the grown-ups.
This made me think, also, about how every age for an adolescent (or a child, really!) is a landmark
Here's some that I can name:

Age 4: the first age that I can remember ACTUALLY SUBSCRIBING to. I remember when people used to ask how old I was, I would hold up 4 fingers like I was only a year away from renting a car.
I don't honestly remember conciously knowing how old I was before that.

Ages 5-9: Bit of a blur. I was homeschooled. I had no age-defined privliges.

Age 10: The double digits. Why this mattered in particular, I don't really know. I was a 4th grader. I was a hopeless loser as well.

Age 11: I still say that my mom stole my letter from Hogwarts. I know one was sent. But I wasn't the "Chosen One", so I guess they didn't send more than one owl my way.

Age 12: One more year 'til I'm a teenager! And I'm officially a Middle Schooler now! Well, I was a 6th grader last year, but it hardly counts... And I always called it Junior High, even though my school district had stopped calling it that and had it adopted title of Middle School around '96. But Junior High sounded better to my Wonder Years, Boy Meets World, & Dawson's Creek fed mind. I knew/KNOW the name is coming back.
I was so retro, I was hipster. Even at age 12.

Age 13: Officially a teenager! I could see PG-13 rated movies (though I never did). I was also, the top of the school, seeing as how I was an 8th grader, and next year would be walking the thoroughly guilded halls of the High School.
Big leagues now, baby!

Age 15: I could legally have a part-time job with hours that ranged from, like 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. limiting the hours to 8 a week. Not that I did have a job! Also: in 6th months, I would be allowed to go for my permit! Which ment that Driving Lessons began and thorough Awesome-ness was right around the corner!

Age 16: I could officially, legally get my drivers license, if I passed the test...which I didn't...5 times...delaying me from getting my license until...

Age 17: Yep. I got my license this year. BUT! I was also:
Allowed to watch Rated-R movies (which I got into even when I was 16)
An adult Sim
An Adult Wizard
Allowed to donate blood (which I also didn't do until later in life)

Age 18: A legal adult...I haven't done anything note-worthy.
Technically, I can move out, but I'm a student and my room is decorated.
I can be charged as an adult for any crime I have committed, but I haven't committed any...
I actually donated blood this year, but I could have done that at age 17.
If I was a guy, I'd need to register for the Draft, but I'm a girl.
18 isn't as eventful as it seems...

Well, that's that then.
I really am no different from 4-year-old me. The only exception being that I drive a car, I can go to scary movies, I look a bit taller, and a pint of my blood is potentially flowing through 3 people's veins.
I'm not a whole lot smarter, though.

Much Love, Best Wishes, and Yours Cordially,

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