Saturday, July 9, 2011

the Bad-Excuse Dragon left you a present...

So I have a new blog.
It's a Tumblr.
Does that make me a traitor?
Either way, I'll be blogging more from that more that I will from this. Which doesn't seem a hard feat based on the fact that I almost never blog on here.
But you know, maybe I can use the excuse that I don't have a very interesting life! I mean, what high school senior does? Or maybe I don't have anything to say about anything? What's to say? "Went to see the Green Lantern and bought a Coke Zero from the gas station. Raise the roof."? (name the reference and you get an imaginary prize!)
Alright. So my life isn't that un-interesting and I always have something to say...
Would you believe me if I said I was lazy?
Ok. I'm lazy.
And not just about writing. True, writing is important in having a blog, but there is something else more important that I am also too lazy to do.
Thinking. I mean, I do think....but coming up with ideas that are blog-worthy takes some serious planning skills. As well as an honest wish to do so. If you don't WANT to have a good, read-worthy blog, then you won't.
Well I shouldn't say that as a rule. I'm sure someone out there set out to make a really dumb blog but got a ton of peope to read it regularly. What I'm saying is that not wishing and attempting to make your blog good is probably not going to help you in making it big. Your own mother probably won't read it.
If I were to write a blog like that, my mother wouldn't. There is two reasons for that:
1. Said blog is probably absolute crap, &
2. My mother can barely work the computer.
So you should probably like what you do, if you are going to spend so much time doing it.
Hey, that sounds like a life lesson about college and careers and such! Gee, this has been a Super-Fun time!
*que look of deathly sarcasm*

So I will now leave you my url. please follow me there as well as here:
I will be posting in there as well as in here. often. ish.
Au revoire!

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