Thursday, September 1, 2011

Boys Who Drunk-Text their Feelings.

It's the night before school starts and I can't sleep, when a friend who I'd gone out with once on a tragically failed date texts me.
He admits that he's very drunk, and proceeds to tell me that I'm very pretty. And that he feels stupid telling me this, but he's liked me since he first saw me at forensics (well, what do you know, kids? ANOTHER forensics boy.). He first saw me and BAM. He liked me.
Boys are weird.
I mean, I thought he was attractive, too, but I could have told him that without being drunk.
He said he felt dumb telling me that he thought I was cute even when he WAS drunk.
That's sad.
But at least he was honest. And maybe a little shy.

Much Love, Best Wishes!

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