Monday, January 2, 2012

Day 2 of 2012...I've decided to become a blogger!

So I've spent all day in bed with the flu, but having consumed nothing, it might as well have been just a headache. I'm not going to test my theory, however, because tossing one's cookies is generally not an enjoyable way to spend an evening.
Instead, I've spent all this day exploring Polyvore. Which I love. Because it is SO COOL! and I like making cute little combinations of outfits.

Now, I'm no style guru. In fact, I'm so hodge-podge in my wardrobe that most would say that I'm not fashionable at all, though I do have some pretty little pieces. Only rarely do I use them to their full affect.
I'm not even going to say that one of my resolutions will be to be a little bit cuter in general. Mostly because I think that's redundant and not being able to fill out this goal will just piss me off, as I know that I will happen into school wearing jeans that are uncomfortable and a top that doesn't fit right due to my long waist.
So we might as well forget the whole thing. 

But for now, I'm stalking my cousin Maureen's blog and boy is she just so cool! I actually had no idea what Polyvore was until I just HAD to figure out how she made those pin boards! So I've got to get back into blogging, because I now remember how cool it is.
On another note, I need to make a post with some pictures of my FANTASTIC trip to New York City!
It shall include: 

  • singing in Carnegie Hall
  • Meeting Michael Buble (not kidding her, guys!)
  • seeing Bonnie and Clyde on Broadway!
  • being on the Today Show
So stay tuned!
Much love, best wishes & Happy New Year!

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  1. thanks for the shout out! i think polyvore is soooo much fun- call me anytime you want to talk shop!