Thursday, November 29, 2012

Prodigal Blogger Returns....maybe for good!

I was sitting at dinner in the Student Center today, when a friend of mine told me that she checks my blog from time to time and is always sad to see that I don't update it very often at all.
"you're a spunky writer," she said "and since I don't see enough of you, sometimes reading you is fun!  I wish you wrote more." and it occurred to me that she was right! I loved having this blog, but now it's high time that I proved it. I don't know exactly what I'm going to say on it. All I know is that in my life I have just put away social media sites, and it may actually cause me to get a great deal more done than I was admitting I could.
With homework, working two jobs (campus costume-shop, as well as a bookstore cafe) and being an active member of the campus Theatre Department, I must admit that I wasted more time than I should thinking about social media sites and the like. Not something I'm proud of, as there are so many things I always thought that I might focus on while at college.
I should very much like to be able to properly pick up sewing once again, for me. I love vintage fashion, but I find that finding the actual pieces I imagine is easier said than done. For all the thrift stores in the area, I find that I can rarely find a jem to take home with me, of any kind. No shoe, no dress, no bag could be seen as acceptable to be given new life. And buying replications of a basic style is hugely expensive, of course. Why, then, can't I just sew my own dress? I love sewing and it will always do to have some practice samples lying around. In fact, I've recently decided that I like costuming so much, I might have to figure if I can do something to my major in that respect. The only problem with this is that the school that I go to is primarily an Engineering school and my theatre department is so small that we don't have a teacher for the only costuming class we have in the curriculum. That's not to say that we won't always, but at the current moment, we don't, and that's something that we could really use. I was considering maybe taking an internship at the Renaissance Faire in the costume shop and using that towards a credit. I think it would work rather well, and I know that I would love it.
I also always wish that I had more time to write. More-so than blog, even, but at the current moment, even that is enough. I basically just failed NaNoWriMo, unsurprisingly. Not for lack of trying, but rather for lack of time and any type of stimulant that might successfully keep me up to do the work that would go into it.
Maybe I'll end up finally using this blog, like I planned.
Much love, best wishes :)

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