Monday, August 22, 2011

writing a paper that takes 3 days...

So I'm sitting here at the library, having just finished an essay about the novel Atonement by Ian McEwan.
I was sitting here earlier, unfinished with a man sitting next to me. He can be viewed here:
As I stood up to go get a dictionary or something like that, the kind older guy said:
"Done with your book report?"
Book Report? This is NOT a book report. This is an essay for an AP Literature class asking me to identify a foil in the novel I chose (Atonement, see above). Using the foil I chose, i.e. minor character with ideas or behaviors that conflict with my main character, figure out how it highlights the strengths or weaknesses of said main character...
shoot. that does sound like a book report. 


  1. HA! A damn brilliant book report is more like it. Oh, sir, how little he knows literary folk.
    I'd love to read this "book report" of yours. McEwan is my favorite. You should DM me on Twitter (@read_write_live) if I can read it and I'll give you my email. I'm such a McEwan nerd...and I do enjoy a nice, shiny book report (lol).

  2. No problem!
    The guy was sweet though. Even if he was really loud at a LIBRARY!