Monday, October 25, 2010

Poetry is full of annoying similes. like a- oh, hell.

this day could have been a hell of a lot better.
       I mean, it also could have been way worse, but it's bad enough that I really really really wish I didn't live at home.
But no more bitching about my stupid life and stupid family.
Today I want to talk about other things.
This would be easier if other things were on my mind... which there aren't, it seems...
well that's dissapointing.
On another note, I have reasonable excuse to be excited for Thursday, because I've been allowed to beleive that I get to hang out with two very important people in my life. Riley, and Cal.
God, I love music. It's too bad that I'm not actually very talented at music. I mean, I'm in an A Cappella choir, but that doesn't mean anything. I mean, I wish I was talented at an actual instrument, or that I could write songs. I can't. Alas.
But then if I was a songwriter, I'd have to actually be a poet. I kind of hate poetry. It's too...I don't know, sentimental? It never feels truthful to me, because there is no humor in it.
That's the thing about us. Humans, I mean. There has to be humor.
I don't mean funny, haha humor. I mean...human humor.
When we die, we should die with a smile, because we're human. We can never be completely consumed by one emotion anyway, and everything, even death, has a beautiful, strange realism about it.
Which brings me back to poetry...
I have read too, too few poems that give me a feeling realism along with the other emotions that are meant to convey. I mean, I understand you're writing about being depressed...but I don't think that you are, because you don't sound like a human being to me. You only feel this emotion. What ever happened to that dry, sarcastic humor that litters your conversations with your teachers, friends and parents?
Make a joke! Life SUCKS!
And to the people who write about how they're so happy that it seems that the sun shines our their asses...Not everything is that happy, and you're making me sick. Tone it down.
Umm...yeah, that's all I needed to say.

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