Monday, November 15, 2010

In my lifetime.

This blog post is...was...originally a Vlog post (video blog), but as I haven't had a video-capable camera in ages, I figured it was important enough to make it into a blog.
These are all things I want to see happen in my lifetime. Some of them are selfish, I understand, some aren't.

1." I want to write a YA novel that somehow changes the life of at least one person."

2. I want to be a good mother.

3. I want to be completely independant from all medication.

4. I want to be less synical about love, by finding it with a person who doesn't overwhelm me with passion that clouds my mind. I'm sorry to all of you living in a Twilight-fantasy world, but I want a husband who I don't put on a pedistle, nor does he me.

5. I want to open a bookstore with a small cafe in it. Only, we'd sell everything from books (mostly books, it's a bookstore) to a few yarns to sketching and light art supplies. I'd love to teach creative writing workshops, acting and character developement workshops, and shakespearian study groups for young adults.

6. I want to act for a season with APT, American Players Theatre.

7. I want to find that people can be good, by witnessing someone do something incredibly simple, selfless and moving in a time of great sorrow and pain.

8. I want to go to a Civil War reanactment ball.

9. I want to move to Ireland for a year, by myself.

10. I want to find a career that makes me happy, by going to a school that makes me happy, by taking classes that make me happy.

11. I want to become completely enegmatic to someone, somewhere. I want to inspire the questioning antagonist within, and change someone with it, making them a more enlightened person.

12. I want to live a story that compells me to write it down.

13. I want to enjoy all of the wonderful little coincidences, tragedies, and climatic changes that develope in my life.

14. I want to stop feeling embaressed of myself.

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