Saturday, November 20, 2010

Notes on Deathly Hallows...(beware of spoilers)

Okay, so I didn't get to see Deathly Hallows at the Midnight showing. I did, however get to see it tonight.
It was lovely.
There are a whole lot of things about it that I really really like and appreciate. An example of this would be the comedy that was so prominent in it, like the dance scene, and the 7 Harry's scene.
Also, there was, in keeping with the theme of the book, alot of seriousness and sadness, and although some of it happened in different ways in the book than they made it in the movie, everything was relatively in check.

Okay, Scariest Scenes:
  • The Bathilda Bagshot/Nagini scene
  • The Malfoy Manor scene- Hermione's scream scared the shit out of me. I was soo uncomfortable for those 3-4 minutes that we were watching everyone in the basement, even though I knew how it'd end.
Most light-hearted Scenes:
  • 7 Potters
  • Harry & Ginny's encounter with George in the kitchen
  • the dance in the tent
Coolest Scenes:
  •  the 3 brothers' story. I ADORED the graphics!
But, yes. I am tired, so I shall discuss this with you later...

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